A new start

20141024_140749-800pxStarting from January 2015, I will again spend my full time on Sparv Embedded internal projects. For the last year and a half I have been a consultant with Zenterio, doing software development for set-top boxes. This assignment will now come to an end and I can again give full focus to Sparv products.

In 2012 I already spent a year working on private projects, mainly Windsond but also Channel Wizard and other ideas. That time the company was called Kiwi Embedded and I started off with much engagement but little business experience. During the year I made industry contacts and learned about managing a business. This time around I start off with working products and a broader network of connections with advisors, suppliers, potential partners and customers. The company economy is also more stable and the Sparv office with space for two persons to work and receive visitors offers lots of possibilities. Actually the office has already seen a number of business visits.

Venture Arena

Anders presented the Windsond product on the business event Venture Arena on November 4th. Windsond is a miniature radiosonde and is the biggest product of Sparv Embedded. Venture Arena is a recurring event in Linköping where companies looking to fill key roles are matched with entrpreneurs and investors. This time 28 companies presented themselves and the event was visited by 400 persons.

The presentation went well and the subsequent private discussions let to several useful contacts. A ‘thank you’ goes out to the event organizers!