Opening ceremony

Yesterday afternoon featured the opening ceremony of the office of Sparv Embedded AB. After a friendly mingle we went downstairs to the restaurant NY Legends for dinner, then continued the party in the office.

Many thanks to all the visitors and thanks for the flowers!

8 traits of successful people

It’s a fact of life that people continuously fail to act on their potential. This is not limited to seemingly failed or chronically lazy individuals — I believe we all carry unrealized, big potential. Schools teach facts, procedures and how to complete pre-arranged tasks but seldom dwell on the mental tools to reach major goals not shaped as a curriculum. It may take years of concerted effort to reach major goals — but they are still possible to reach. If the motivation to complete such a long-term effort is missing, such motivation can be acquired. It took me years to discover these seemingly basic insights. Now I consider them among my core strengths.

One way forward is using the vast materials of motivational speeches and books out there. Some may find them cheesy or cliche but I see them as training of the mind, regardless of being cliche or not. Whatever goal you choose and whatever your area of expertise, there are thought patterns that improve your chances to reach your goal. I recommend the book The 8 traits successful people have in common by Richard St. John. The author interviewed five hundred people that are successful in their profession and assembled their quotes into a book, sorted by eight common themes. He presents the material in a factual and humble way, using repetition and the authority of the celebrities to drive his point home.

This video clip gives an succint overview of the book and introduces the style of the author:

Ambition can achieve wonders, if you give it the chance.

Week 4

Daily view by the office in downtown Linköping, a regular January morning.

Daily view by the office in downtown Linköping, a regular January morning.

This is week four of my full-time work at Sparv. The focus is on Windsond. Tasks involve customer relations, arranging production, discussing partnerships, planning new development and the unavoidable administration. For accounting, I have good help from Jennys Ekonomihjälp.

So far there hasn’t been any shortage of things to do. Only now the number of urgent tasks is beginning to subside. Working by myself means I can work as much or as little as I care.
However, I find that going to the office at a fairly regular schedule is the best for productivity. Even if I don’t have a good idea in advance of what to do, there are always work tasks once I’m at the office. Keeping this discipline is a key to long-term productivity. It takes a determined mind but also the occasional motivation boost from friends and internet motivational material.

Summing up Zenterio assignment

zenterio_logo-400pxOver the one and a half year I (Anders) have consulted for Zenterio, there have been significant changes. My company Kiwi Embedded has been incorporated as Sparv Embedded AB. Zenterio has changed logotype, expanded from around a hundred to 180 employees and acquired companies 27M and Systemagic. It has been interesting to help Zenterio along in their development and I’ve learned more myself along the way, but now is a suitable time to step down and give Sparv Embedded my full attention again.

These have been my duties at Zenterio:

Plan and organize day-to-day and medium-term work for an engineering team in the role of scrum master.

Design and lead the implementation of a platform component for presenting an unified view of all available media files. Port, integrate and debug a media sharing library for DLNA server, DLNA client and DTCP-IP media encryption, including on-site debugging in Germany.

Port and integrate Lua for a set-top box environment. Manage overseas consultants in extending the integration and support students’ projects that utilize the integration.

Investigate Linux user space memory allocation in the constrained environment of a Broadcom set-top box.

I have used these tools and technologies:

    Atlassian Jira
    C, C++, Lua
    make and custom makesystem
    Cross-compilation gcc
    Atlassian Crucible
    Ubuntu Linux
    Embedded Linux with uclibc and busybox
    Linux IPC and Apache Thrift

I’m happy to see my work has met with approval from Zenterio management:

Anders has a very good systematic approach and an ability to visualize this in an excellent way.

Anders has performed to the highest level of satisfaction. He has been committed to our project goals, assumed responsibility and gone the extra mile when needed.

From now on, I work full-time with Sparv Embedded. I will mainly market and continue developing the weather sounding system Windsond.