Announcement: Lifee activity bracelet

We now announce Lifee, an activity bracelet for kids. There are many activity bracelets already, but not many are tailored to young children. We want an intuitively fun experience, without a need to involve smartphones or computers. For children, the fun is all that matters. Parents that are concerned about how much time their children spend in front of computers, tablets and smartphones will appreciate how the bracelet shows the amount of recent physical activity of the child. This helps the parents to strike a balance for the child between physical and mental activities.

Lifee has been in the making for two years so we’re excited to finally make this announcement. We are a team of six, under the banner FutureMe Labs.
The project leadership is assumed by the resourceful gaming entrepreneur Tomas Ahlström. My (Anders) role is overall responsibility of technical development.

We will soon start selling prototypes here in Sweden.