Back from holiday

2015-02-24 roque nublo-800px

Overlooking the cloud landscape after hiking to the top

I’m back to work after a week of holiday in the Canary Islands. A change of environment is always nice and 20 °C was certainly more pleasant than 0 °C. Even so, I have chosen to work with the things that interest me the most so I don’t complain coming back either. It’s a great feeling to be where you want to be.

Running a company does involve the usual slew of administration and other tasks that just needs to get done with, but the position has really changed (and continue to change) my view of the working life and companies. For an employee, companies can seem faceless and omnipotent. The technology businessman on the other hand must deal with many facets of doing business, like keeping track of technical and regulatory news, understanding production costs and economics in general, learning the market, coordinating with partners, customers and suppliers etc. Dealing with all facets helps to explain the underlaying logics and room for manoeuvre of companies. In a way, overcoming the obstacles takes the businessman to a vantage point over his industry.

Looking forward, the spring is shaping up to be busy and interesting. Windsond reaches more customers and gains a facelift. A complementing product is under investigation. Utilizing Android and Bluetooth is on the drawing board. More cooperation gives possibilities for faster progress.

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