Logga_text_sparv_rgbSparv Embedded AB is situated in Linköping, Sweden. It was founded in 2012 by Anders Petersson. We now employ a couple of persons full-time and a number of others part-time. We develop innovative technical solutions by means of electronics, microcontrollers and computer software, predominately meteorological measurement equipment. Our areas of expertise involve systems design, sensors, long-range telemetry radio links, GPS, low-power embedded systems, control of radio-controlled vehicles and desktop and mobile software development.

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The flagship product of Sparv Embedded is the weather sounding system Windsond, a uniquely small and economical solution for weather readings at different altitudes. Our latest commercialized product is called Sparvio. The Sparvio solution is a state of the art sensor equipment that provides a modular, plug-and-play solution for measuring various quantities for UAVs, other environmental studies, lab experiments and education. Sparv also offers consulting work in embedded systems.

Until June 2014, the business operated under the name Kiwi Embedded.

The director Anders Petersson has previously worked at Motorola Mobility (now part of Arris), Attentec and Configura. Anders has a MSc degree in Computer Science from Linköping University in 2003.

Sparv employs associates and consultants from the local technology cluster and globally for special tasks.

Reach us at info@sparvembedded.com or telephone +46 707 312608.

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