Sparv was born from enthusiasm over the technological possibilities that are constantly being unveiled. We combine technology, domain knowledge and business as entrepreneurs and as consultants. We specialize in the development of small embedded systems for air sports, meteorology, UAV and wearable electronics. Key building blocks are low-power microcontrollers, batteries, sensors and radio transceivers along with first-class firmware and software. Sparv is based in the tech hub Linköping.

Are you also enthusiastic about the areas we work with and share our start-up mindset? Let’s discuss how we can work together!

Past and present

The seed of the company was planted in 2010, when Anders Petersson started development of Channel Wizard for custom control over RC airplanes in his spare time. As a developer of embedded software since university graduation in 2003, Anders had gained an understanding of technology and projects that found good use in the application of microcontrollers to RC airplanes.

In January 2012 development of Windsond was started in cooperation with Swedish Airsport Federation and in April 2012 Anders started devoting his full time on this under the name “Kiwi Embedded”. In August 2012 Windsond debuted in the Hot Air Balloon World Championship in the USA with good results. Development on Windsond and other yet undisclosed projects continued, first as a full-time job and later combined with a consultant assignment. In June 2014 Sparv Embedded became the official name as the company was incorporated to meet the growing interest in Windsond and other embedded solutions. We’re increasingly focusing on meteorological equipment and we’re working with a number of local and global partners in business and academia.


Sparv is extending and adapting Windsond to new use cases and customers. We are also working on the latest development Sparvio (UAV sensor solution) to make it even more user friendly and adding support for more sensors.

Sparv will outsource parts of the engineering and grow to engage several people with on-going and future projects. As these projects come to conclusion, Sparv will grow in recognition, ambition and financial ability.

In the end, Sparv will employ around five persons in the development of innovative products. We will thrive in the exciting junction between business, customer care, market awareness, project management and multiple disciplines of engineering. We will do what we love to do.