Windsond radiosonde

140616-RR1_kitWindsond is a uniquely small and light-weight radiosonde system, used to measure weather conditions in the troposphere.
See the Windsond web site.


Swarmsonde radiosonde

Swarmsonde is a radiosonde variant based on the standard radiosonde system Windsond. Swarmsonde is launched using two balloons. One balloon is cut from the sonde at a user defined altitude. The balloon that still is attached to the sonde has enough helium for the sonde to drift at the same altitude for up to an hour.

See the Swarmsonde web page for more information


Sparvio UAV sensor solution

2017-05-19 Sparv Sensors leverans till UUSparvio is a state of the art sensor equipment that provides a modular, plug-and-play solution for measuring various quantities for UAVs, other environmental studies, lab experiments and education. The system is designed to start immediate measurements without any further integration.
See the Sparvio web page

TriSonica wind sensor

Trisonica Mini Wind and Weather SensorThe TriSonica™ Mini Wind and Weather Sensor is compact, lightweight, and efficient. It is the world’s smallest and lightest 3D ultrasonic anemometer.

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Sparv Embedded is an approved distributor of the appreciated TriSonica sensor. It is also possible to buy this sensor as part of the Sparvio system (SKS31)

Aeris Mira Gas Analyzer Series

Aeris Mira gas analyzer series provides high reolution sensors for methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (NO2), etc.

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Sparv Embedded is an approved distributor of Aeris Mira Gas Analyser. The product is compatible with the Sparvio system. 

Channel Wizard

cw_revB4_left-white-400pxChannel Wizard extends the capabilities of radio-control (RC) systems such as RC airplanes and multicopters. It is usually utilized to add extra control channels to the radio link but can also be configured by the user to create, decode or modify RC signals in a variety of ways.
See the Online Manual or the RC Groups discussion thread.