UAV Sensors – Sparvio

Sparvio is a state of the art sensor equipment that provides a modular, plug-and-play solution for measuring various quantities for UAVs, other environmental studies, lab experiments and education. The system is designed to start immediate measurements without any further integration.

Sparvio Flyer (PDF 305 kB)
System Visual Overview (PNG 99 kB)

Required parts

Required item to operate Sparvio is the “Sparvio Kit” consisting of the Sensor Hub SKH1 and Computer Adapter SA1. SKH1 provides on-board logging and comes with GPS and barometer. SA1 enables offloading of logs, upgrading firmware and optional battery charging. Apart from these, the customer can choose sensors to measure various parameters. See the sensor section below for available options. We also add support for other sensors on customer requests.

SA1 – Computer Adapter (PDF 1 791 kB)
SKH1 – Sensor Hub (PDF 2 348 kB)

Optional Telemetry Set-up

Real-time telemetry is supported as an optional add-on. For this, the user needs a software license and one of our radio receivers. The software license enables visualization and export to 10 data formats. It currently supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 1o, with upcoming support for Linux, Mac and Android. Choose between radio receiver RR1 or RR2. RR1 is the basic option, connecting to a computer via USB. RR2 is a more sturdy and feature-rich receiver. It can also connect to the computer via Bluetooth and optionally via Ethernet.

Comparing RR1 and RR2:
RR2 Flyer (PDF 1 002 kB)


For measurements, the user also needs to add some sensor(s) to the system. Find sensor specifications below:

SKS1 – T/RH Sensor (PDF 1 115 kB)
SKS2 – Fast T/RH Sensor (PDF 88 kB)
SKS31 – Wind Sensor (PDF 159 kB)
SKS4 – O3 Sensor (PDF 98 kB)
SKS6 – CO2 Sensor (PDF 1 832 kB)
SKS61 – High resolution CO2 Sensor (Discontinued) (PDF 87 kB)
SKS82 – PM Sensor (PDF 131 kB)

Instructional videos:

Sparvio logger (SKH1) instructions

Sparvio mounting

Let us know if you are interested to measure any parameter that is not mentioned in the sensor list above. The whole system is designed to be extensible.

Here is an older presentation from May 2016 that outlines Windsond and Sparvio (“Sparv Sensors”): PDF 3 MB

An overview of the work needed to develop a sensor from idea to product: PDF 233 kB . The text is based on the experience of Sparv Embedded, but is valid for any project.

We are happy to recommend a system set-up to fit your requirements. Please send your queries to